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Thursday May 23rd 2024

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Take Advantage of Homeschooling’s Important Flexibility

Take Advantage of Homeschooling's Important Flexibility   BY LINDA DOBSON Homeschooling families blaze unexplored trails every day. Homeschooling. The word conjures up many different images in the minds of those who contemplate it. Some see siblings gathered around the kitchen table as their mother reviews a list of vocabulary [...]

Imagine a Homeschooling Day: Part 2 of 2

Imagine a Homeschooling Day Part 2 of 2 By Linda Dobson Picking up from yesterday: "Since you are out and about, you decide to stop at the grocery store." You check your wallet and tell your son you have $20 to spend. He pulls out paper and pencil, and the two of you brainstorm the best way to spend the money based on your collective memories [...]

Homeschooling Mom Gone Wild!!!

Homeschooling Mom Gone Wild!!! By Linda Dobson Advertisers' back-to-school hype begins in the middle of summer and continues relentlessly until a community's first school bell rings. Those who choose homeschooling  aren't necessarily immune to the hoopla, as Lynn Foster if Indiana, mom to four-year-old Nicholas and five-month-old Adrian, [...]

Homeschooling: Bringing Home the Child Who Doesn’t Know as Much as You Thought She Knew

Homeschooling: Bringing Home the Child Who Doesn't Know as Much as You Thought She Knew By Linda Dobson This scenario plays out in a frightening number of instances when parents take children out of school for homeschooling. The circumstances are always similar. Parent believes child is doing very well in public or private school. [...]

School Mind and Education Mind Are Two Different Things – Part 1 of 2

School Mind and Education Mind Are Two Different Things - Part 1 of 2 By Linda Dobson When we compare public school attendance to homeschooling, we tend to focus on the external and obvious differences. The differences, however, begin at a deeper level, strongly influenced by how we think about learning. This two-part post looks at [...]

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