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Monday May 20th 2024

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What Could You Do with $20,000?

For Parent at the Helm readers, a sneak peek at Blake Boles' upcoming book, Better Than College: How to Build a Successful Life Without a Four-Year Degree! Thank you, Blake, and best of luck! What Could You Do with $20,000? By Blake Boles Imagine that you’ve been accepted to the college of your dreams, and they give you a full-ride [...]

WARNING: The U.S. College Degree Bubble Set to Burst

WARNING: The U.S. College Degree Bubble Set to Burst If you know anyone contemplating going into debt to get a college degree, please consider sharing this information with him/her for consideration. A press release from the National Inflation Association does not mince words regarding what experts have been eluding to for at least the past [...]