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Tuesday November 28th 2023

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So Many Homeschooling Styles My Head Is Spinning!

New to Homeschooling? So Many Homeschooling Styles My Head Is Spinning! By Judith Waite Allee You can combine methods and materials in any way that works for your family. There seems to be a homeschooling continuum. On one end are families who "unschool," learning through living and encouraging a child's interests and passions rather than [...]

Homeschooling (In Less than 1000 Words)

By Linda Dobson HOMESCHOOLING - the act of families accepting legal, financial, and educational responsibility for their own children in a family environment; an education that is individually configured and parent- or child-led; also known as home education. Homeschooling may be accomplished in the home with a parent as primary instructor, or [...]

Will the $4b Bribe Bring National Standards to U.S.? By Judy Aron

By Judy Aron Here comes yet another national power grab. The U.S. government has created proposed education standards, in cooperation with "experts" who were appointed by the nation's governors and school superintendents. These standards spell out in detail what concepts and skills students should learn in every grade from K [...]