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Monday May 20th 2024

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Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday: Good Stuff for Special Days by Becky Rupp

Celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday Good Stuff for Special Days by Becky Rupp CELEBRATING WILL Editor's Note: All I can say is WOW! With these resources, your kids are going to be saying, "The play's the thing." Enjoy! Nobody knows the precise date of William Shakespeare’s birthday. Records show that he was baptized on April 26, 1564 [...]

Water Books for Fantasy Lovers! By Becky Rupp

Editor: As noted Saturday, here's a list to extend your Earth Day resources - especially for fantasy book lovers of all ages - enjoy, and get ready for Earth Day on Thursday. Water Books for Fantasy Lovers! by Becky Rupp In Rebecca Rupp’s The Waterstone (Candlewick, 2005), the world is drying. Twelve-year-old Tad — who is only a few inches [...]

EARTH DAY 4/22: Resources for Special Days by Becky Rupp

EARTH DAY APRIL 22 Resources for Special Days by Becky Rupp   BONUS COMING TOMORROW! In time for you to prepare for Earth Day, "Water for Fantasy Lovers," terrific books for kids of all ages! The world may be running out of good water, but Becky and Parent at the Helm aren't running out of great materials to learn all about it. Have [...]

National Robotics Week Is Here! Good Stuff for Special Days by Becky Rupp

National Robotics Week is here! Good Stuff for Special Days by Becky Rupp This weekend marked the beginning of National Robotics Week (April 10-18), which aims to publicize the role that robots play in everything from agriculture and medicine to warfare, manufacturing, transportation, and space exploration. And of course robots are just [...]

Homeschooling Blog Carnival Is Ready for You!

Our Curious Home plays host to this week's Homeschooling Blog Carnival. With a theme of what usually happens in April, just click the link to find great reading to enjoy from an eclectic collection of homeschooling bloggers! This week, Parent at the Helm shared "Resources, Resources" by Becky Rupp. After all, we don't want anyone to miss the [...]

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