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Wednesday February 8th 2023

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Parent at the Helm’s October Book Giveaway Winners!

May I have a drum roll, please? And the winner of Parent at the Helm’s first October Book Giveaway, a copy of Marty Layne's Learning at Home, is… …Nicola! Congratulations! As always, I will send Nicola an e-mail to make shipping arrangements so she and her family can enjoy their new, free book! And the winner of Parent at the Helm’s [...]

Minor Travel Break

Greetings, Parents at the Helm, and a happy good morning to you! We will be traveling for a few days, so I'll probably be a tad quiet for a bit. In the meantime, we hope you'll write to us so we feel like we've been missed even just a little bit. :-) And we read EVERYTHING, so please do stay in touch. And don't forget to register to win our [...]

Parent at the Helm’s DOUBLE October Book Giveaway: Two by Marty Layne!

Parent at the Helm’s OCTOBER BOOK GIVEAWAY I'm so very excited about Parent at the Helm's October Book Giveaway. We have not just one, but two terrific books by veteran home educator Marty Layne - one for adults and another, perfectly timed, for the kiddos. If you'd like a chance to win both, please send two separate comments, each one [...]