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Friday June 21st 2024

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Breaking: All Detroit Teachers Get Layoff Notices

An Associated Press article at "mlive" titled "Detroit Schools Send Layoff Papers to All Teachers" states: About 5,500 Detroit Public Schools teachers will get layoff notices as the troubled district prepares for an expected drop in fall student enrollment. The layoffs would take effect July 29, the district said Thursday afternoon in a [...]

U.S. Teacher Layoffs Continue to Mount

The list of states affected by sinking budgets that result in advance notice of teacher layoffs continues to grow. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. Parents should keep considering  your “Plan B” because you never know if or when your family may be touched as this meltdown continues. The latest: Board Eyeing [...]

School Layoff Announcements Keep Rolling In: VA, NYC, NJ, IN

Let me start by saying I dislike being the bearer of bad news, but I also don’t subscribe to the ostrich theory of burying one’s head in the sand when one doesn’t like what’s going on. Like my fellow human beings, I like to be right. But being right about this snowball growing ever larger as it builds up steam is about as unpleasant as [...]

Massive Teacher Layoffs in California Possible; 25% of Detroit Schools Shutting Down

According to the California State Education Department, the state’s K-12 public schools employ over a quarter million teachers - 307,000 or so. Just shy of 22,000 – or roughly seven percent – recently received pink slips in the mail. These are preliminary notices and, if last year’s history repeats itself, only 60 percent will actually be [...]

Historic School Closures Approved in Missouri

This is a follow-up story to Tuesday's report on the imminent closure of dozens of schools in Kansas City, Missouri. The vote couldn’t have been any closer. But by a 5-4 margin in front of a standing room only crowd, the Kansas City School District board voted to close almost half of its schools. In addition to the closures and [...]

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