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Thursday February 1st 2024

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Homeschooling: Children Need Activity – and Nothingness – for Their Own Sake

Homeschooling: Children Need Activity - and Nothingness - for Their Own Sake By Linda Dobson Many homeschooling families have learned that academic success follows large doses of activity with no ulterior motive, that is, doing something for the sheer joy of the doing, period. For most children, sheer joy doesn't come from doing worksheets [...]

Building a Strong Family

Building a Strong Family By Ann Lahrson Fisher, author of Fundamentals of Homeschooling: Notes on Successful Family Living Families with children in traditional schools can enjoy many benefits of the homeschooling life. Why? Because living and learning with kids is amazingly natural for most of us, almost instinctive. After all, isn't this [...]

If I’m Homeschooling: Will I Have Me-Time?

If I'm Homeschooling: Will I Have Me-Time? Contributed by Ann Lahrson  Fisher This is such an important question! Yes, of course you will, though you may need to plan more than your mother did. Your question points to the fact that a successful homeschooling lifestyle means that the needs of all family members are important. You absolutely [...]

Book Review: The Fundamentals of Homeschooling

Book Review: The Fundamentals of Homeschooling By Beth Balmanno There is something magical about Ann Lahrson-Fisher's Fundamentals of Homeschooling. As a seasoned homeschooler, I expected to find good, solid advice for new families starting their homeschool journey. What I didn't expect was to reach for a pen to highlight the pages of this [...]

Parent at the Helm’s July 2011 Book Giveaway!

Parent at the Helm’s JULY 2011 BOOK GIVEAWAY! First, hearty hearty happy happy congratulations to Kay D., the winner of our June, 2011 Book Giveaway, What Really Matters by Joyce Reed and David Albert! We'll make arrangements for Kay to receive her book as soon as possible from the book's wonderful publisher, Wendy Priesnitz. Thank you to [...]

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