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Friday April 19th 2024

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Need Money? Become a School Turn-Around Expert: No Experience Necessary

By Linda Dobson You know, more and more frequently I read the news and can't believe grown human beings are actually saying and doing what they're saying and doing. Apparently, with all the billions of dollars flying around for "school reform," people who have little to no business jumping into line with their hands out are offering [...]

You Are So Strange: Part 2

You Are So Strange: Part 2 By Linda Dobson Knowles,  presenting  his  findings  at  a  conference  in  New  Zealand, "found no evidence that these adults were even moderately disadvantaged in either respect." None  of his respondents  were unemployed  or on any form of welfare assistance, more than forty percent attended [...]

Fed’s $4 Billion Education Carrot May be Losing Its Appeal

Fed's $4 Billion Education Carrot May be Losing Its Appeal By Linda Dobson A few weeks ago, a dozen governors who were among the finalists competing to receive a piece of the Obama administration’s $4+ billion economic stimulus called Race to the Top grants for school systems had stars in their eyes. After just two states – Delaware [...]