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Monday May 20th 2024

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Good Stuff for Special Days By Becky Rupp

Good Stuff for Special Days by Becky Rupp Hans Christian Andersen's Birthday April 2 April 2 is Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday. Andersen, born on this day in 1805 in Odense, Denmark, is the author of over 100 classic fairy tales, among them “The Little Mermaid,” “The Snow Queen,” “Thumbelina,” “The Little Match Girl,” [...]

Good News: eBay Lifts Ban

We're happy to bring you good news about eBay purchases this morning! Well, apparently it isn't new "news" - it's more like news that has been kept secret since July. eBay Lifts Ban on Teachers' Manuals By Ina Steiner March 17, 2010 Some online sellers were surprised to learn that eBay had lifted a ban on [...]

SPEAKING UP: Children Trained to Death; Coverage List of To Train Up a Child Connection

Provided in memory of Sean Paddock and Lydia Schatz; Provided in hope that it ends here. This post is created to collect in one place for your current and future reference evolving coverage of the To Train Up a Child (TTUAC) connection to the deaths of Sean Paddock and Lydia Schatz as their parents implemented the “training” set forth [...]