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Tuesday March 5th 2024

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Does Diet Affect Your Child’s Behavior?

DOES DIET AFFECT YOUR CHILD'S BEHAVIOR? By Laura Grace Weldon I’m one of those annoying people. I grow enough organic produce to put up hundreds of jars of home canned goods each year. I grind grain to make fresh flour, use coconut oil instead of canola, even make my own herbal tinctures. I was probably a little nutty about nutrition [...]

Yes You Can Turn to Homeschooling Temporarily

Yes You Can Turn to Homeschooling Temporarily By Linda Dobson It's all happened at least once before. Some families see homeschooling as a temporary endeavor, merely a stopgap measure intended to help a child prepare for more schooling in the future, to provide a break from undue peer pressure, or even to give a younger child time to [...]

Find and Support Your Child’s Strengths for Homeschooling Fun and Success

Find and Support Your Child's Strengths for Homeschooling Fun and Success By Linda Dobson A homeschooling child with time and encouragement to follow her interests will drift toward those activities that provide the most pleasure - just as an adult will! Children usually aren't shy about asking to hear a book again (for the fourteenth [...]

SPECIAL REPORT: U.S. Schools Embracing Technology?

By Linda Dobson While homeschooling in the 80's, my kids got a kick out of learning with a computer. After all, we had the latest and greatest: a Commodore 64 complete with all those floppy disks (when floppy disks were actually somewhat floppy) that made learning fun. There were color and shape matching for the youngest, and the Oregon Trail [...]

Can My Child, Who’s Been Diagnosed with ADHD, Succeed at Home?

Answered by Luz Shosie ADHD, in most cases, is a teaching disability. It means that your child learns in ways other than the way school chooses to teach. It is likely to disappear once your child is allowed to choose what, when, where, and with whom she wants to learn. Read Thomas Armstrong, Susannah Scheffer, John Holt, Daniel Greenberg. [...]

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