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Wednesday April 3rd 2024

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I really like what I’m seeing at “Parent at the Helm.” I’m also very happy to hear from you…Your writings were among the first I read when I was contemplating home education. My son has SPD and I was going to home educate for one year at a time. (He was 3 then, so that was 7 years ago). Your writing and the resources you recommended then helped me to make the decision to commit to home educate long term. We now home educate his younger sister as well. I have gained confidence as a mother over the years because of your presence in the parenting community. Thank you so much! I hope now that I am passing on the blessings!
~ Leslie Camp Spitler

In brief: Wow! I am a parent and public school employee and love what I’ve read here so far.

~ tres edu


When first considering homeschooling, I first read some other book that was essentially about how to recreate public school at home. I would have given up on the idea if I hadn’t seen one of your books on display at the library. It totally reassured me that yes, it was possible to do what I was hoping to do. Thanks so much for all of your books Linda!
~ Marcy McKee Novak


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