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Friday May 24th 2024

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Best Time to Buy Anything

The following chart provides a good general overview of when you're likely to find the best deal on something for which you might be in the market. It's just a small piece of a great collection of information on this topic - and much more - found at LifeHacker. Save on, good Parents at the Helm. (Mmmm, looks like I missed the decent [...]

Grow an Indoor Herb Garden All Year Long

Submitted by: Tip Hero  01/14/2010 7:11 PM As Gabrielle at the "your day...only better" blog notes on her website, basil, tarragon, parsley, thyme and other herbs can be grown indoors during autumn and winter months. She provides six tips in her article. We've listed the headlines for each below, but we encourage you to click the [...]

What’s Old Is New Again

Mom was dying of cancer. Always a practical sort, she penned a simple note - in her picture-perfect penmanship - divvying up her favorite worldly possessions. The gifts my sisters and I had bestowed upon her over the years would soon come back to each of us. The exception to our own gifts was the collection of what you might call "chunky [...]

Let’s Hear It for the Recession!

With this post your increasingly-popular Parent at the Helm Web site is hitting another growth spurt with the introduction of the "Simple Frugal Living" category. Why? It's because when Parents at the Helm get serious about living a family-centered/homeschooling lifestyle, usually something has to give way to make room for it - a simple fact of [...]

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