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Friday April 19th 2024

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Yow! Parent at the Helm Has Become Certifiable…

Yow! Parent at the Helm Has Become Certifiable... Have you seen the latest addition to Parent at the Helm home page, down at the bottom? If you click on it, you're taken to a page that tells you: The Website, Parent at the Helm, is Green Certified! iPage, an EPA Green Power Partner, certifies that the data centers and web servers [...]

New Life for Yogurt Cups

You've enjoyed the yogurt, and now you've got this neat little plastic cup. It's not built to last forever, but it's built well enough not to throw it away just yet. So what can you do with your collection? (Yes, I'm assuming you have a collection because I always had one.) A reader of This Old House, Mark Feroglia, shares 10 great ideas to get [...]

How to Make Your Own Febreeze Replacement

Every time I visit "Instructables," I wish I had more time to spare to delve deeper into it. I was there long enough to alert you to an inexpensive way to make your own Febreeze replacement! step 1Get an empty spray bottle You can use the empty febreeze bottle, or buy an empty new bottle at almost any store. i got mine at the dollar store [...]

If You Aren’t Already Living Simply, Read This

The name of the article is "50 Statistics about the U. S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy to Believe." The sad truth is that I've read each of these 50 things in one place or another. Seeing them individually, I knew we were in trouble. Seeing them collected in a great big pile, I'd say the country is in crisis, and there's not going to be [...]

Relief with Homemade Sunburn Remedies

Yup. It's that time of the year. If you've spent too much time in that glorious sun, or you spent so long a time OUT of that glorious sun that it hit you hard when you finally got to enjoy it, here are a few homemade remedies that you very well may already have sitting around the house. Enjoy the beautiful weather, but please do take care in [...]

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