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Saturday July 20th 2024

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DIY platform enables fractional ownership of rarely used items

DIY platform enables fractional ownership of rarely used items From Springwise: We've seen the fractional ownership model applied to luxury goods including supercars, second homes, jets and high-end motorcycles. Aiming to expand the concept's reach, diyFractional is a site that helps people set up and manage shared ownership [...]

We Got Her Done! Learning Coach Approach Now Available as eBook

Well, it seems it's been a long time coming but, at last, we were able to put the final touches on the eBook version of The Learning Coach Approach. As the original publisher insisted on publishing it as a hard cover (despite my protestations), the selling price was prohibitive. And that's why we were happy to do the work to turn it into an eBook [...]

Helping home chicken farmers manage & share their eggs

  From Springwise, Got Eggs? Need Eggs? Urban chicken farming has been featured on our virtual pages on several occasions already, including Rentachook's “try before you buy” approach and Just Us Hens' chicken-sitting service. The latest spotting? Eggzy, a Philadelphia-based site that aims to help promote home-based and small-scale [...]

The Little Things

Linda Dobson's Valentine to Homeschooling Parents The Little Things Delight in every day's little things. Cherish them. This is the stuff from which life - and therefore, learning - is fashioned. From the little things your children will shape their hopes, dreams, and eventual reality. It's the little things that remain when all too soon [...]

Do You Have a Favorite Dried Food Recipe?

As the owner of a brand new, very cool looking dehydrator, I've been spending (what little) spare time I have looking at recipes for dried food on the Internet. However, I'm much more trusting of your favorite recipe, and hope you'll take a moment to share with me! What Is Your Favorite Food to Dry? Do you make great jerky? Dried fruit? Fruit [...]

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