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Monday May 20th 2024

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Defending Homeschool Liberty

By Judy Aron I cannot stress enough the importance of remaining vigilant and working together to change or stop pieces of legislation which are burdensome, onerous, or just plain stupid.  New Hampshire homeschoolers should be congratulated on their stunning victory last week which defeated a legislative attempt to impose more stringent [...]

The Hardest Part of Parenting

We've another new voice on board, folks! Shay Seaborne, mom of two teenage daughters,  joins us from Virginia where she has been extremely active with The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers for years. She's also responsible for founding and leading the Family Oriented Learning Cooperative (FOLC) support group; and founding the VaEclectic [...]

Misplaced Lessons – Leaving Well Enough Alone

Veteran homeschooling mom, author, photographer, and unstoppable force behind the non-profit Learning Is for Everyone, Inc., Parent at the Helm is excited and humbled to have Terri Willingham join our family of guest commentators with her contribution that follows. Come, sail away with us! By Terri Willingham From the “Truth is [...]

Arresting Developments by Judy Aron

By now, every homeschooler has heard about the arrest of homeschooling parents in New York State. In a county that is rife with drug crime, the Sheriff chose to arrest parents who failed to file paper work. Now,we can choose to be outraged at the Montgomery County Sheriff who apparently had more time on his hands to arrest homeschoolers than he [...]

Mr. Owen’s Big Idea

Parent at the Helm's newest guest commentator sailed to this site all the way from southwest Australia where her second shot at motherhood has her examining assumptions, thinking outside the box and, as a result, enjoying homeschooling with her son as she ponders "the psychological structure of western consumer society and the templates that have [...]

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