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Thursday February 1st 2024

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Any Tax Breaks for Homeschoolers? By Carol Topp, CPA

Any Tax Breaks for Homeschoolers? Parent at the Helm is proud to present to you the newest member of the PATH crew, Carol Topp, CPA, whom you may also know as "HomeschoolCPA" and author of Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out, on the topic of tax breaks for homeschoolers. When she's not sailing the seven seas on behalf [...]

What’s Right about Being Wrong Part 2 By Theresa Willingham

By Theresa Willingham For homeschooling parents, being wrong takes on some interesting dimensions, since we're tackling academics in addition to philosophical, ethical and family issues. Not only can we err as parents, but as we progress on through higher and higher grades and more sophisticated subjects, the chances of erring as teachers [...]

Right about Being Wrong Part 1 By Theresa Willlingham

By Theresa Willingham Thomas Edison worked for years to perfect the light bulb. In his wonderful waterfront estate in Fort Myers, with the fantastic wrap-around veranda I've coveted since childhood, one of his first light bulbs still burns today. It emits a faint, ancient glow, but a glow, nonetheless. Edison's success, however, was not [...]

Why Homeschoolers Should Avoid Housekeeping by Debbie Harbeson

With this wonderful post, Debbie Harbeson joins the growing crew of Parent at the Helm, adding her signature brand of humor to all things homeschooling, including housekeeping! Debbie has homeschooled two children, written a book called Okay Kids, Time For Bedlam (love the title!) and, like so many homeschooling moms has turned her attention to [...]

Nothing Like School to Break Up Family

By Barbara Kelly Concentric Circles Have you ever wondered how people perceived their world prior to the rise of the western industrial juggernaut? Most of us would automatically assume that life must have been such a drudge that people could not possibly have lived a fulfilling life - at least, not by today's standards. We have inherited [...]

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