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Thursday February 1st 2024

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Homeschooling Walden-Style Part Two By Theresa Willingham

By Theresa Willingham We were also reassured to learn that she was probably nearby. Mother rabbits don’t live with their young, instead leaving the babies alone to avoid attracting predators and returning to the nest only once or twice a day, usually at night or very early in the morning, to nurse their young. All the literature said we [...]

Homeschooling Walden-Style Part 1 by Theresa Willingham

By Theresa Willingham (Originally printed in Home Education Magazine, in 1996) The rabbit was digging busily in the garden by the front window.  We thought it was finding choice weeds, but when we looked later, it had dug a shallow den. Was it moving from its big burrow we’d found under another window, we wondered? We went into [...]

Nestlings to Fledglings: A Life Lesson for Homeschoolers By Shay Seaborne

By Shay Seaborne One warm afternoon in late May a few years ago, the last of the baby robins fledged from the nest above our patio. The fourth nestling was a bit smaller than its siblings, and it took a few days longer for him/her to leave. It seems part of its decision to hang in there was based on the fact that, with the other birds gone, [...]

Tweet, Tweet: Life-Saving Homeschooling Science

By Shay Seaborne Grandma Linda recently asserted that “a bird in the hand is worth…two weeks’ science curriculum,” and there is strong evidence to prove this true. When my children were ages seven and four, we had two birds in the hand for about 10 days. During that period, the girls (and I) learned a great deal more than they would [...]

My 18 Year Prison Term By John Danz, Jr.

John Danz, Jr. is free at last, and ready to share his experiences with Parents at the Helm. Please join me in welcoming John aboard as our newest guest commentator from Michigan. After reading an op-ed piece by John on the Internet, my first thought was, "Now, there's a young man who can write."   Believing that it's always good to get a [...]

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