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Wednesday February 8th 2023

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Public Education Permeated By a Cheating Culture

By Linda Dobson Everybody's doing it, or so it seems when report after report stack up in the news. On August 6, 2010, Parent at the Helm reported on "Atlanta Suspects 109 Teachers of Testing Cheating." (We subsequently learned that the city spent $100,000 of taxpayers' money to investigate.) Indiana and Texas have public problems [...]

Parent at the Helm Nominated for Best NEW Homeschooling Blog 2010

Now that the national elections are over, I'll bet you thought you'd get a break from folks asking you to vote for them. Well, you're almost there. Parent at the Helm is nominated for Best NEW Homeschooling Blog 2010 in The Homeschool Post's annual homeschooling blog awards contest. I've been committed to reaching out to parents who are either [...]

What’s a Micro Business?

By Carol Topp, CPA Most of my small business clients operate micro businesses. What is a micro business? Sole proprietorship (one owner) No employees Low or no start up costs Frequently a service business with no inventory Home based to keep costs low Usually the first business a individual starts Sometimes a starting place to [...]

Homeschooling Answers

Since folks seemed to like the idea, Parent at the Helm is starting "Homeschooling Answers." As questions come in, I will post them on the blog, then move them to their very own page (which you'll be able to find on the top bar of each page). You are cordially invited, welcomed and encouraged to post your own answer to any or all of the [...]

Trust the Feelings You’re Having about Your Child’s Education

By Linda Dobson My e-mailbox overfloweth. There's no question anymore that a significant number of parents are questioning what's going on in public schools today. More importantly, they are searching the Internet for information and resources, and reaching out to anyone they think may be able to help them in their dilemma. Oftentimes, these [...]

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