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Wednesday February 8th 2023

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Happy Thanksgiving with Lots of Gravy On Top

By Linda Dobson "Over the river and through the woods..." in our own home we always stayed for Thanksgiving, nestled in trees that were, most often, blanketed in the earliest of the snow that would stay all winter. There was always someone invited to join us, but I wouldn't have missed making the turkey and all the trimmings for [...]

All Parent at the Helm Wants for Christmas Is Your Shopping Support

Welcome to Shop&Support! Where Parent at the Helm Gathers Great Deals for YOU and Support for Parent at the Helm Since the 1980′s, I’ve loved supporting and watching this community of engaged, informed parents grow. This is my home, where my heart wants to be. I would love to continue "doing what I love," but at this point, [...]

Public Schooling Revolt Begins; Will Last for Years – Part 3

The last of a three part series on the Public Schooling Revolt By Linda Dobson Okay. So far the money well is running dry. There are almost as many administrators in schools as there are students. The federal government, which has no business messing in schooling in the first place, is now calling the tunes from Washington to which your [...]

Public Schooling Revolt Begins; Will Last for Years – Part 2

The second installment of a three part series By Linda Dobson Yesterday's Part 1 of this post covered protest of tuition hikes in Great Britain and parental unrest with the powers-that-be in New York, where the idea that schools should be run like businesses runs rampant. Today we'll move to Pittsburgh, PA, where "Parents Continue to Rail [...]

Public Schooling Revolt Begins; Will Last for Years

By Linda Dobson PART 1 Recently, a reader wrote to compliment and ask how I see school/education trends coming. My answer, likely, was disappointing in its simplicity. Collect schooling news for a brief period of time; voila, the trend reveals itself. The current trend reveals hard times and heartache for families whose children [...]

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