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Friday May 24th 2024

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For the Holidays: Gifts of Devotion

While digging through a closet this morning, I was surprised to find an ooooold copy of Home Education Magazine - 1987 - vintage stuff! It just so happens to be the December issue, which just so happens to include an article I wrote called "Gifts of Devotion." I smiled to discover everything I wrote more than two decades ago still rings true. I'm [...]

Holidays Highlight the Family Lifestyle

Now that my children have grown and live far away, I admit the holiday season brings on bouts of homesickness. I miss everyone every day, but at this time of year the "sickness" grows stronger. To keep myself sane (or, at least a close facsimile), I enjoy listening to and watching the families that surround me and share their holiday plans, hopes, [...]

More on Sleep and Learning

Ooooh, there's more here: Can't wait!

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