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Saturday July 20th 2024

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Book Review: Don’t Know Much about History

Book Review: Don't Know Much about History By Amanda Werner Amanda Werner provides her thoughts about Parent at the Helm's August Book Giveaway! Honestly, I had not really been thrilled when it was time for me to buckle down in school and learn a thing or two about history. I enjoyed history prior to my third or fourth grade year but [...]

Book Review: What Really Matters

Book Review: What Really Matters By Beth Balmanno When it comes to homeschooling – to life in general, actually – what really matters? David Albert and Joyce Reed attempt to answer this question in their deeply personal and moving book, What Really Matters. Letter Exchange about Homeschooling Started as an exchange of letters in a column [...]

Book Review: Challenging Assumptions In Education

Book Review: Challenging Assumptions In Education By Beth Balmanno Confession. We are kinda, sorta unschoolers in our household. Of course, relatives, friends, other homeschoolers – even clerks at the grocery store – always feel compelled to ask why we choose this particular approach to home learning. “How do you know they're [...]

The Ultimate Homeschool Resource

A Review of The Ultimate Book of Homeschooling Ideas by Linda Dobson By Beth Balmanno Every once in a great while, a book comes along in the homeschooling world that makes you go, “Wow. Where has this book been? Why didn't I find it sooner?” Those were my thoughts when I first picked up Linda Dobson's The Ultimate Book of [...]

Book Review: Carschooling Turns Travel Time Into Learning Time!

Book Review: Carschooling Turns Travel Time Into Learning Time! By Beth Balmanno, homeschool mom With snow melting and flowers blooming and birds returning, spring has sprung! If you're anything like me, the hibernation of winter comes to an end right about now and our family suddenly has the urge to go. An essential on the packing list for [...]

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