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Sunday July 14th 2024

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WELCOME to Parent at the Helm, a gathering place for vital information, news, and commentary of importance to parents and caretakers of school-aged children.

A labor of love for Linda Dobson (biographical information is available on the “About” page), the work is supported by many others, primarily current or former home educators, who share the belief that parental involvement is essential to children’s educational and life success.

Parent at the Helm is the easiest and most fun way to get the vital information and news you need for homeschooling and learning at home in all the Seven Seas! Here, everybody gets to make a few waves. We welcome aboard homeschoolers, after-schoolers, teachers, parents of the gifted, special needs, unmotivated, bored and stressed, and everyone who knows parental involvement is essential to educational and life success.


Really good stuff. Keep the inspiration coming. ~ Barbara

We need knowledgeable voices for families right now, perhaps more than ever, and you’ve always been one of the groundbreakers in speaking out for parents and children and building and supporting strong families. ~ Helen

I’ve been much encouraged by your writing over the years. I look forward to more here! ~ Carol


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Twitter: @parentatthehelm

Typically, someone will be in touch with you within the hour, as we realize you are usually under the gun of a deadline.


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