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Monday June 27th 2022

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FREE Unschooling Summit May 21 – June 1

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Yes, you are invited to Michelle Barone’s FREE Unschooling Summit running from May 21 to June 1!

About Your Unschooling Summit Host

unschoolingFirst, let Michelle Barone, MA LMFT, DCEP, tell you a bit about what’s up: “I will be your host of the Unschooling Summit and I look forwarding to sharing with you my personal experiences, success stories and strategies developed after 25 years experience including the ‘unschooling’ of my own 2 children (who are now successful, thriving adults) and serving as a Homeschool/Unschool mentor and licensed therapist to hundreds of families.

“I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Diplomate Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and a Certified NET Practitioner. I hold three California teaching credentials and am a retired La Leche League Leader.”

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During the summit, you will also hear the powerful voices of great pioneers of unschooling who helped to forge this path, as well as the new voices in our community that are loud, clear and eager to help you implement an education/life plan that fully supports and enriches your family.”

The Unschooling Summit Schedule

Next, here’s the summit schedule of guest appearances:


For more information about all of the speakers and, most importantly, for you to register so you don’t miss out, just visit the link above.

With the wide variety of speakers, this summit is great for all homeschooling or unschooling families. Additionally, be sure to tell all of your friends who have ever expressed interest in learning more about unschooling or homeschooling to attend, too.

When you register for the Unschooling Summit, you will receive instant access to collectively 100’s of years of wisdom from our experts and answers to your most personal questions about unschooling. You will also discover:

  • How to unschool and create an environment where everyone thrives
  • What is the “energy of learning”
  • How your beliefs dramatically influence your child’s learning…and how to do your own “self-work” to fully-equip yourself as an parent/mentor/educator
  • How to create a loving, relationship-based “learning” environment
  • What to do for the parent who desires to work and unschool
  • How to get over your own “schooling” so you can be open to your children’s unique gifts
  • Unschooling for high school and college students
  • Unschooling for gifted and special needs children—how to do it, how to break past the challenges and how to give your child a powerful support system and empowerment exactly where they are.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship through unschooling—for both parent and child.

All of this information will be delivered in a teleclass format (a seminar that you attend by phone) so that you are able to attend from the comfort of your home and enjoy easy access to the event recordings should you like to refer back to particular strategies or insights later on.

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “FREE Unschooling Summit May 21 – June 1”

  1. Selma says:

    This summit looks to good to be true! There will be one major problem for me though and that is that with my 2 little ones there just will be no way to listen to these conference calls live. is there a way i could get the recordings afterwards? i tend to be able to listen to these in my own ‘mummy time’ and have done so many times in the past for other workshops. I have benefitted so much from these and I am sure I would from listening to our telesummit. Hope there is a way to have access to the recordings.

    Best wishes,

    and good luck with organisation of the last bits. i hope it goes well!!

    • Selma, I’m just a guest on this summit. Michelle Barone is doing all the “hard work.” I’m certain they will be available afterwards, so just keep your eye on the link…will probably be announced when it’s all over. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. George M. says:

    Hi. I understand I missed a good talk by Sandra Dodd and am wondering how I might listen to the recording…I thought it was to be posted for 24 hours?! Thanks in advance.



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