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Tuesday August 9th 2022

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Homeschooling Resources: Math for Visual Learners – A+ TutorSoft

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Homeschooling Resources: Math for Visual Learners

A+ TutorSoft

By Amanda Werner

mathMath has been known to create love/hate relationships around the world with children and adults alike. Math sees no colors and passes no judgments, yet stirs up a whirlwind of feelings that is different for each person. It is amazing how one tiny four letter word can do so much.

Whether you are a lover, a hater or indifferent on the subject of math, it is the topic at hand. More importantly, it is the subject of a product I was asked to review. A+ TutorSoft, Inc. asked if I would look over and use their Premium Edition 3rd Grade Math Curriculum CD with my own child, who by the way is not a lover of that four letter word…Math.

Upon the CD’s arrival I heard a big YIPPEEEEE…We got a package in the mail…What is it? I, of course chuckled, which prompted a look of dread from my daughter’s face because at that moment she knew it was not going to be something fun for her.  So, I let out a big YIPPEEEEE…It is a MATH CD! That did not go over to well. Fast Forward to now and I would say we have had some success with the four letter word.

Math with A+TutorSoft

A+ TutorSoft offers a full year’s curriculum in one CD. This includes a full years lesson plan, the actual lessons, interactive question and answers, a complete curriculum book, worksheets for all lessons and the complete answer keys, exams for all units with complete answer keys, and interactive flash cards. Upgrading to the Premium Edition version of this software also allows users to set parental controls, track progress of children, allows users to report on progress of children and even has a weekly certificate that can be printed off, which helps to boost the confidence of children, as they work through the program.

So now you know the marketing side of this program but what did we think as we used the program?

How Did a Visual Learner Fare with this Math Program?

My daughter is not a lover of math but was stimulated into learning with the program. My daughter is very VISUAL so seeing the concepts as the instructor talks through them is very important! The worksheets were all right. I found the format to be a bit jumbled. I did not print the worksheets off but did go over the questions with my daughter. I found this technique to work better than me handing her a worksheet. The exams were given in the same way…orally. She was able to visualize what had been taught then she could tell me her answer without the use of pencils and paper.

I found the lesson plans to be a big help but wish they were a bit more printer friendly. Ink is costly and homeschooling families are richer in love than money.

I also found the instructors voice to be a bit robotic at times. It is not a big deal but can be a bit grating on the nerves if you are looking for a more personal feel to the CD.

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Overall the product is good! This is a great alternative to a bunch of books sitting upon the shelf taking up space. The entire year is packaged into one CD, which I really love! I feel like the price is very reasonable starting at $79.99 on the low end and a bit higher for the Premium Version.

For more information on A+ TutorSoft and the products they offer visit them at A+ TutorSoft has online demos of their products and even free placement tests allowing potential customers a chance to try before you buy.

**I was given a Premium Edition Cd for free in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Your experience will differ from my own.**

Amanda and her family are busy around the farm. The temperatures are wonderful, learning abounds, and we are graciously involved in only a small part of this beautiful earth. Enjoy the small things, strive for simplicity and enjoy even the worst of moments!

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