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Saturday July 20th 2024

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Mind-Opening Homeschooling Domination Visual

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Mind-Opening Homeschooling Domination Visual

homeschoolingWhether you’re thinking about homeschooling, practicing homeschooling, or a homeschooling veteran, I think you’ll find the following visual from College at Home’s blog interesting and deliciously shareable. I think I would have given the visual a different title, but then I’m no marketing genius so what do I know. These are important statistics for parents to see and understand.

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Quick Homeschooling Note

To those viewing this because you’re thinking about homeschooling your child(ren): You are as capable of homeschooling your children as the millions of parents who are already doing so. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. The results shown in the graphic below? These are a result of parental love given the time to blossom, grow and thrive in the family environment, an action that is impossible when a public school schedule dominates your lives. These homeschooling results do not require a teaching degree.

To those viewing this because you are a homeschooling family: Keep doing what you’re doing! When you are compelled to share with friends and/or family who have criticized your homeschooling, well, by all means enjoy, but try not to enjoy their wiggles of discomfort too much. [g]

Homeschooling Domination

Homeschool Domination
Created by: College At Home

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