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Monday May 20th 2024

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Rosy Future of Homeschooling Revealed In School Survey

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Rosy Future of Homeschooling Revealed

In School Survey

By Linda Dobson

homeschoolingLet’s say a school district surveys parents of all its students. What percentage of said parents would you guess would answer, I’ve “considered other options like private school, charter school, or homeschooling“? Of the parents who answered thusly, which of the alternatives do you think was “the top choice?”

The survey happened in Rockville, Illinois.

67.2% say they considered other options like private school, charter school, or homeschooling.  38 % seriously considered it.  Only 32.8% did not….

…Of parents who considered another option the top choice they looked at was homeschooling, followed by several private Christian schools.

Says District 205 Accountability Director Dan Woestman, “What we need to do here in the Rockford Public School District is make sure that the offerings that we have are the best options for all children.”

As all aspects of the public school infrastructure continue their rapid decline, I urge Mr. Woestman to do whatever is necessary to support these families in their desire to pursue homeschooling, as it remains the best option for all children.

Another School District May Inadvertently Be Creating More Homeschooling Families

BECAUSE MEANWHILE, IN OTHER NEWS…CBS Sacramento reports “Parents Forced To Camp Out For Lincoln Kindergarten Spots.” That’s right, folks. The still-not-addressed failing economy caused the shutdown of the promised new school construction, so there isn’t enough space for all of the incoming kindergartners to attend their neighborhood school.

Although there are 105 kindergarten seats about half of them are already taken because kindergarten students with older siblings at Lincoln Crossing are automatically guaranteed a spot. So in reality, there are only 54 kindergarten openings.

“It is frustrating when I am paying tax dollars, especially living in this community, to not be able to have my kid immediately go to this school,” Jonathan said.

I hope the parents at the end of the long line will consider homeschooling their little ones, rather than subjecting them to long, daily commutes. Heck, they could play with the kids for the anticipated commute times, have the kids learn just as much, if not more, and maintain the kids love of learning. Yes, homeschooling does that for families!

And Speaking of Homeschooling Families…

Congratulations to Grant Colfax – of the forever-famous California Colfax family, homeschooling pioneers who wrote Homeschooling for Excellence and raised their four sons on the family goat farm.(Yes, you read that correctly. Grant additionally appeared on The Johnny Carson Show when he was accepted into Harvard University.)

President Obama on Wednesday appointed Dr. Grant Colfax, San Francisco’s top HIV public health administrator, to head the Office of National AIDS Policy.

Colfax will be responsible for carrying out Obama’s National AIDS Strategy, announced last year, which is focused on reducing new HIV infections, increasing access and adherence to treatment, and addressing HIV-related health disparities, especially among minority groups.

“Grant’s expertise will be key as we continue to face serious challenges and take bold steps to meet them,” Obama said in a statement. “I look forward to his leadership in the months and years to come.”

In San Francisco, Colfax was director of HIV prevention and research with the Public Health Department, and for the past several years he worked in the outpatient HIV/AIDS clinic at San Francisco General Hospital. He did much of his clinical training caring for HIV/AIDS patients in San Francisco General’s Ward 5A, the first inpatient HIV program in the country.

In recent years, Colfax has been leading a local and national push toward early treatment of HIV patients, both to improve the health of infected individuals and to help prevent infections.

I think the rosy future of homeschooling is revealed in all of these news stories. Spread the word, will you, to help counter the likes of Kristin Rawls’ myopic coverage of homeschooling. (Sorry, it’s sooo bad I refuse to link to it.) Homeschooling works.



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