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Monday May 20th 2024

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7 Top Sites for Great College Video Courses

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It’s called OpenCourseWare, college lectures available online at no cost. OpenCourseWare has been around for a while, the most notable, perhaps, being offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT), now with 1900 courses available online.

If you prefer to shop around a bit, you might want to surf to OpenCourseWare Consortium where over 200 schools worldwide have joined together to provide free knowledge via online video, audio and text.

Of course, these are great opportunities to get an education if you’re not worried about receiving a diploma.

Of course, these are great opportunities to get an education if you’re not worried about receiving a diploma.

Yale University is not a member of the consortium, but shares some of its offerings on a Web site titled “Open Yale Courses.”

If you’d like to try something from a state college, how about University of California Berkeley, whose Web site boasts the 2010 spring semester courses for which you’ll have to keep up with updates because the courses are happening in “real time?”

Lecture Fox provides an indexing service, sort of a “one stop shop” where you may leisurely review offerings from the schools mentioned above, plus many others, including Princeton University, CalTech, Vanderbilt, and others. Another index, with courses sorted by subject, is Degree Directory.

Finally, you may want to check out Academic Earth, where you can browse by subject, university, or top instructors. These offerings include, but are not limited to, NYU, UCLA, Harvard, and Stanford.

Of course, these are great opportunities to get an education for the sake of the learning if you’re not worried about receiving a diploma. They also offer your homeschooling teen a terrific way to pursue interests while high-school aged, as well as to get a taste of what’s “out there” as s/he determines if and where college attendance fits into the big picture of continuing education.

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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “7 Top Sites for Great College Video Courses”

  1. Is it possible for one to take courses in this way and then take CLEP tests at their local college to get the credit for what they know?

    Just a thought. I still have four coming up to college age…will keep all this in mind.



  2. This article made my day! What a wonderful use of technology. With knowledge available to anyone who can access a computer with internet, and with the cost of college rising every semester, I can see a huge shift in the educational structure coming.

  3. Carol, While I'm no expert on this, I don't see why not. You just need to prepare for the CLEPs…no one dictates where, how, or what you paid for your prep!

  4. Yvonna, I agree. I recently read that right now 20% of ALL students are studying something online. It certainly helps equalize access to information that the recipient then has to put to good use. I see the difference in homeschooling today from, say, twenty years ago. Just IMAGINE what it's going to look like twenty years from now!

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