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Wednesday November 30th 2022

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Government Schools Are Bad for Your Kids: What You Need to Know

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Don’t get your panties in a knot; that headline isn’t me talking. It’s the actual name of a book published this year by Cazenovia Books and written by James Ostrowski. I got word via an article by the same name on New American.

While the book promises some interesting facts, figures, and American educational history, Ostrowski’s political agenda is clear: “His goal is to incite a movement among the various groups who are inspired by the message of liberty,” states Patrick Krey, the article’s author, while admitting to being a personal friend of the book author. “Specifically, Ostrowski is targeting those who rose up to support Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential run and the multitude of people who have come together as part of the more recent so-called Tea Parties. ‘This book provides the tea party movement with a strategic roadmap to restore the Jeffersonian vision of individual liberty that is the very essence of America…. Direct citizen action is at the heart of the book.'”

If you don’t agree with them, TRY real hard to get past the politics because Ostrowski does say things you might appreciate. He starts with the basic premise that government schools are bad for your kids because “government schools are based entirely on government force and ultimately indoctrinate children to be good servants of the politically correct, progressive, secular, wealth-redistributing, warmongering state.” Krey notes that the majority of the book details what else is wrong with schools along with the basic premise, and there’s plenty. Among the list are increasing crime, sex, drugs, and use of psychotropic drugs on an alarming number of attendees and enough to call government schools “beyond repair.”

Where does homeschooling fit into this picture? In Ostrowski’s mind, homeschooling is “the best political strategy yet.” And, Krey concludes his understanding of the book’s message thusly: “Parents must first free their children from the government education system. As we have seen by the homeschooling revolution which has surged in recent years, it appears that many Americans are already taking this path.  Hopefully this trend will continue to the point that Ostrowski’s vision becomes a reality.”

The book is only 103 pages and, if it details what’s wrong with public education, you probably already know that or you wouldn’t be visiting this blog. Still, having been in the trenches for a lot of years, I know it’s nice to receive a bit (or a lot!) of validation when you can. Seems this book can provide a goodly dose of such.

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