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Thursday May 23rd 2024

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Homeschooling Resources: Artobet!

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Homeschooling Resources: Artobet!

By Amanda Werner

homeschoolingIncorporating a study of the artists has always been hard for me in our homeschooling. There is so much information available that it becomes overwhelming. I have struggled with this since day one of our homeschooling journey. Do you find yourself in that same position?

I have often tried to find a product that will work for our family, but our budget doesn’t allow for most of these curricula. If our budget does allow it, by the time I bend and shape the program to work for our family the value of the program has been lost.

Recently, I was offered the chance to check out a new product on the market. This product is in DVD format that helps children take in small bits of information, review those bits of information, helping the children retain what they have seen and heard. This product is called Artobet.

Artobet is a magical adventure of artists from A to Z.

From the back cover:

“A box of beads, magical string, a special looking glass, It was a sunny day, not much to do. But when a skateboarding mischief maker whooshes by with a magical magnifying glass and a box of special beads, the fun begins. Join the Artobet gang for an amazing adventure of artists from A to Z. Artobet is ideal for children 3-8, but with engaging stories, beautiful imagery, animations, relaxing period music, and easy-to-chant poems that help children remember and understand who each artist, it is a film the whole family can enjoy. We hope these stories will inspire your children to explore the great thinker in us all.”

So now you have a bit of background on Artobet, but what did our homeschooling family think about this product?

Homeschooling with Artobet Combines Learning the Alphabet and Art Works

Artobet is another one of those products I wish would have been made sooner because the educational value of this product is worth every penny. I love the fact that this product incorporated the alphabet and the great artists of history into one. In addition to the alphabet being presented in a unique way, the DVD offers sound recognition as it moves through each letter of the alphabet. Artobet also allows children a short review period as they move through the alphabet and artists.

My children who found this video a bit corny because it was well under their age level (my youngest being 11), even had to admit it was pretty cool. They enjoyed the works of art and the chants about each artist. All the children agreed the favorite piece of artwork was “Starry Night.” I must admit that is also a favorite of my own!

If my children were younger and we were going through the alphabet, I would definitely incorporate the artists with the letters into our learning.

Overall, the product is a real gem in a market oversaturated with nonsense or twaddle type materials. This is one DVD I would be proud to recommend to other homeschooling families.

For more information, ideas on using this product, how to purchase your very own copy or even more background on how this DVD came about, you can visit the Artobet website at

I received a free copy of this DVD in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given. All thoughts are my own and yours may differ.

Amanda is a wife and mother to three (who are growing way too fast!). She can be found alongside her family working around the homestead, wrangling animals and preparing for spring. 

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