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Monday May 20th 2024

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Homeschool Resources: Morphology the Game

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Homeschool Resources: Morphology the Game


By Amanda Werner

I am going to let you in on a little secret about my family. We love a friendly game of just about anything. We enjoy playing games so much that it is not unusual to find us waiting in a parking lot, in a business office of some sort, or even traveling down the road, playing a game of whatever kick we happen to be on that day, week or even month. Does that sound like your family as well?

How Morphology Started

My family and I were given the opportunity to try our hands, minds, and creative juices at a new game we had never tried before. The game is called Morphology. I would like to give you a little background on Morphology because I find the beginnings of this game very interesting and inspirational for our young people.

Morphology was brought about because of a snowstorm and boredom. Now, for all you non-believers in a little thing called boredom…this is the spice to life. Kate Ryan Reiling and some friends were stranded during a snowstorm and wanted to play a board game. However, one of the friends needed to learn some Spanish and the friends were all trying to come up with something creative. So these friends decided to use game pieces from other popular games on the market and a Spanish/English dictionary to create the words while the friends tried to guess what the other had created. Thus an idea was born that morphed into a little game we now know as Morphology.

Morphology has been compared to Pictionary several times over but is always stated as having a twist. While that fact is true the game can be so much more, especially for the homeschooling family. Leave it to us crazy homeschoolers to find a way to bring learning in on a game.

How to Play Morphology

The object of Morphology is to “Correctly guess the words your teammates build to be the first team to reach the final lily pad.” Now the basic overview of this game is this: Teams are paired off with each team selecting someone to be the “Morphologist.” The “Morphologist” is the person responsible for creating the words for their team using certain materials as outlined on the actual game board. As a “Morphologist” you must not be an actor as in another popular game but you must be the puppeteer in the game. This means that you or your pieces can not interact. You must rely solely on the pieces and creativity. The words that are chosen for the “Morphologist” come from a deck included in the game. There are two words per card so that game players can choose an easy word (the beginner) or hard word (the novice) to create for their team. However, my homeschooling twist is to replace those words with the child’s spelling words or to choose a theme such as words related to the Civil War to enhance the learning. To win this game you must be the first team to get your frog on the final lily pad.

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Overall the game is a huge hit at my house, even with the modified homeschoolers version. I feel this game is a wonderful addition to the game shelf that will get lots of use. I really enjoy the classic board game style that Morphology has and at the same time combines learning and creativity effortlessly. The game is constructed with quality materials so that it will last for years to come and can hold up to being handled repeatedly.

This game is recommended for ages 13 and up but I feel as long as the older children are helping the younger children along with mom and dad that even smaller children can get in on the fun!

For more information on Morphology or to order your very own copy of this fascinating game visit Morphology at


Amanda is a wife and homeschooling mother to three who are growing way to fast. She enjoys living, learning and working alongside her family around their small hobby farm. Reflect upon the past, live for today and hope for the future! Amanda received a free Morphology game for the purpose of writing a review.


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