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Friday June 2nd 2023

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Homeschooling: The Temporal Nature of Messy

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The Temporal Nature of Messy

By Linda Dobson

homeschoolingWhen our older son first moved out of the house, we wound up rearranging everyone’s sleeping quarters to create space for a much-needed office. On the appointed day, the bed and dresser were moving out (look at all those crayons back there!), the desk was coming in from the garage (yuk!), the tangle of computer wires was becoming frustrating, and the piles of papers and files rescued from their various storage spaces were growing higher in the middle of the office floor when the phone rang. It was an invitation to present a couple of workshops at a large homeschooling conference.

“We’d like you to present your homeschooling advocacy workshop. And could you do one on ‘scheduling and organizing your day’?” I could hardly answer I was laughing so hard. If the caller had been able to see our home at that moment (I will never have a video telephone!), he never would have asked!

I was, of course, able to do the workshop. The chaos that was home at that moment was only temporary.

Homeschooling Is Messy – and Temporary

Our time to share homeschooling with our children is temporary, too, and all too soon the Play-Doh messes, scattered Legos, and daily works of art for the refrigerator disappear. Currently, in my home, these have been replaced by paint messes, huge jigsaw puzzles, and scattered science experiments. But I know well that these, too, will fade away in what seems the blink of an eye.

To some it may look like a messy house. To those who know the secret, though, it’s the hallmark of a home filled with love, life, and learning.

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