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Wednesday February 8th 2023

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Building a Strong Family

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Building a Strong Family

By Ann Lahrson Fisher, author of Fundamentals of Homeschooling: Notes on Successful Family Living

familyFamilies with children in traditional schools can enjoy many benefits of the homeschooling life. Why? Because living and learning with kids is amazingly natural for most of us, almost instinctive. After all, isn’t this exactly how our ancestors lives, parents guiding children, learning together as family and using whatever methods and approaches were at hand?

The learning approach to family life strengthens the family in its natural – and rightful – role as a stalwart and respected institution in the community. The requirements are few, and most of what you’ll do is a natural part of the normal parenting package, if parents only believe it. Parents who love to learn, who enjoy spending time with their children, and, most of all, who themselves brighten when the aha! light comes on in their children’s eyes – these are the parents who find the learning approach to family life most satisfying and successful. As a stay-at-home parent, I found my life enormously satisfying because of our learning lifestyle, no matter what educational option we were using at the moment.

Family First By Changing Priorities

Launching a learning approach to family life in today’s hectic world can begin with a simple change of priorities. You will learn to put the needs of family and family members first. Next, encourage and learn together. You as parents will learn to slow down and listen to your children. Your children will know exactly who to turn to: mom and dad.

My advice is to start today. Talk with your family. Share music. Play games. Explore. Question. Follow your heart’s desire and share it with your children, thereby showing them how to follow theirs. As you help your children discover their hearts’ desires, you stand to learn more from them than they will ever learn from you.

Ann’s wise words about strong family appear in What the Rest of Us Can Learn from Homeschooling by Linda Dobson, about which Jay Mathews, Washington Post education reporter, wrote:

“This book is a revelation. It corrects the misunderstandings that surround the growing number of children being educated at home and turns them into something special. As Linda Dobson makes clear, it is the rest of us who can learn much from the homeschoolers as we guide our children through regular schools. I was particularly impressed by the sense of fun and exploration that goes into the best of family homeschooling lessons.”

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