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Saturday April 6th 2024

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Book Review: The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self

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Book Review: The Art of Education:

Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self

The Art of Education

A book to return to, time and time again.

By Beth Balmanno

Every so often, a book comes along that is destined to become a classic. The writing and the message cosmically align to create a book that will magically stand the test of time and be forever relevant in the literary canon. Frankenstein. The Great Gatsby. Pride and Prejudice. But there are nonfiction books that deserve this recognition, too. Linda Dobson’s The Art of Education is one of them.

The Art of Education More Relevant Today

Written sixteen years ago, The Art of Education’s message is just as relevant today – perhaps even more so. In this time of economic stress and seemingly onerous bullying by a political system gone awry, reclaiming our children’s education is more important than ever. In her passionate but calm voice (I call it Lindaese), Linda shows us how to treat the education of our children as an art, not a science, and inspires us to take the steps necessary to break free of the confines of a broken education system and embrace the true of art of learning.

As Linda writes, “When education is art, the journey is the education.” (pg. 38). Contrary to what we’re bombarded with daily, it is not the destination that is important– SAT scores, GPA’s, college admissions and all of the other goals the current education system creates for us –but the journey. With this pearl of wisdom, Linda takes us on our own journey of discovery to reclaim our children and help restore and nurture the eight gifts every one of us is born with: curiosity, imagination, creativity, inner peace, humor, artistry, self-motivation, and intuition.

The Art of Education Empowers Parents and Children

Concise chapters, well-documented evidence and Linda’s unwavering gentle guidance create a powerful manifesto that will inspire families to dismiss the failing system of compulsory education and instead design and follow a learning path for their children that empowers and supports their passions and beliefs. If this e-book hasn’t been downloaded to your device yet, do yourself a favor and buy it. Today. Like the great classics in world literature, this will be a book to return to time and time again.

 The Art of EducationThe perfect holiday gift for yourself and/or a friend, The Art of Education: 15th Anniversary Edition by Linda Dobson can be yours for just $4.99.


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