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Saturday August 6th 2022

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School Puts Students In the “Real World” of Nerfballs

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School Puts Students In the “Real World” of Nerfballs

By Linda Dobson

PlayingSoccer real world

Get that ball! Save those children!

Ah, yes, homeschoolers are more aware than anyone of the claim that as their children grow up in the bizarro world of daily adult activity, school students are thriving in the “real world” of school.

“So many things could happen. What are they going to do — cover the schoolyard in pillows and take all the doors off the hinges?”

The Real World of Softballs?

As a society, we are rapidly on our way to pillowed schoolyards and recess abandonment all together. But one Canadian elementary school has taken the insanity to a whole new level – a total ban on any kind of balls that aren’t made of sponge, or Nerf, material. Hard balls, you know, like tennis balls and such, will be confiscated. (I wonder if hockey pucks are allowed?)

The principal, Alicia Fernandez, banned hard balls, claiming they’re dangerous.

“Kids were coming in complaining of injury, or being scared,” she said.

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Before you start picking on Principal Fernandez, know that she’s not the first one to ban balls at school.

The Toronto school isn’t the only one to ban balls over concern for student safety. Last year, an Ottawa public school banned balls on the playground during winter. In June, a public school St. Catharines, Ont., banned balls after a girl got hit in the head while watching a schoolyard soccer game. Both bans were overturned after students at the schools started a petition.

“When it comes down to it, the kids are not allowed to do anything, so there’s 325 kids who are all just standing around for 15 minutes,” said Scott Taylor, whose 10-yearold son, Matthew, started the petition at the St. Catharines school. “Kids need to play; they need to have things to do.”

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 Should Homeschooling Families Join the Real World of Nerfballs?

So there you have it, homeschoolers. It’s time to decide whether or not your family will join school’s “real world” of gently flying Nerfballs for soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, and basketball practice. Or, will you continue on in your homeschooling bizarro world, allowing your children to experience the real deal each day, exposing them to all manner of potential horrors? Oh, and check to see if Nerf is a public company; as this “real world” fad grows, their stock could soar.

My advice to schools: Since children continue to be exposed to and kill themselves because of the epidemic bullying that occurs on these playgrounds, you’d save a lot more children physical, mental and emotional pain by getting the bullies off the playgrounds, instead. You can keep that “real world.”

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My advice to homeschoolers:

Play ball!

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