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Monday January 29th 2024

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The Happy Home Education Glossary

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The Happy Home Education Glossary

WindowWithFlowers home educationBy Linda Dobson

As with all professions, educators have their own lingo. Here for your handy referral is every homeschooling family’s “Home Education Glossary.” You might also find it helpful to provide to extended family members, neighbors and friends who support your home education efforts. Have several copies on hand for those who don’t.

The Home Education Glossary

Advanced Placement – When everything actually winds up in the right place when the living room is cleaned up for guests.

Block Scheduling – Making sure everyone gets a turn with the blocks; often especially important related to Legos.

Busy Work – See “curriculum.”

Class Dismissed – Your youngest finishes high school.

Comparable Growth – Having a younger child stand next to the mark on the wall made when an older sibling was the same age.

Compulsory Attendance – The state of being a family member who, like, wakes up here.

Curriculum – That which is occurring in your family’s life at the moment. You woke up thinking “history today,” only to discover you’ll all learn all about what happens when the toilet backs up.

Detention – Bed time!

Dissection – Hmm, this whole chicken will do nicely and we’ll be that much closer to having dinner ready.

Drop Out – What you get to see with all of your child’s baby teeth.

Fluent English Proficient – What you’ve been doing with your child since s/he lived en utero.

Homework – Everything family members do. (Duh.)

Job shadowing – What your child gets to do with you every day.

Math Manipulatives – THIS is why they’re called M&M’s!

No Child Left Behind – Because your spouse would realize he’s missing upon returning home from work.

Nurse’s Office – See “teachers’ lounge.”

Parent-Teacher Conference – Any moment of the day you find you’re talking to yourself.

Pep Rally – All of the kids gathered to inspire you out of bed in the morning.

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Pupil-Teacher Ratio – Unless you have an only child, a reminder that you are outnumbered.

Race to the Top – What your children do when they see the slide at the playground.

Resource Specialist – She who can find missing Legos in the dark using only her bare feet.

Science Experiment – The green stuff waaaaaaay in the back of the refrigerator.

Sheltered English – What ill-informed home education critics may accuse you of.

Special Education – that which you are striving to provide your child with every day of homeschooling.

Spelling Test – An afternoon of playing Hangman.

(The Only) Standardized Test that Counts – The test that tells you if you’re having another student.

Student Teacher – What your child becomes when he shows a sibling how to snag the out-of-reach cookie jar.

Teachers’ Lounge – that small room in your house where they expect you to close the door (for at least 24 seconds).

Teachers’ Aide – Cocktail time!

Title 1 – My title 1 was “the best Mommy in the whole wide world.”

Traditional Calendar – bwwhahahaha!

Year-round Education – What you naturally provide because you know your children are learning every single moment they’re awake.






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