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Saturday July 20th 2024

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Book Review: Suddenly Homeschooling

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 Book Review: Suddenly Homeschooling

By Beth Balmanno

Suddenly HomeschoolingFor some families, choosing homeschooling is a given, firmly cemented for years, perhaps even before their children were born. For others, it is a sudden decision, circumstances at school or the home environment guiding them to this choice.

Whatever the reason, Suddenly Homeschooling by Marie-Claire Moreau is a practical approach for any newcomers as they begin their homeschool journey. Billed as a “quick-start guide to legally homeschool in 2 weeks,” this book helps families navigate the myriad of steps involved in transitioning to homeschooling.

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The chapters are broken into days so, if followed to the letter, this book really can be used as a two-week approach. For example, Day 1’s “Get Connected” encourages families to find other homeschoolers in their area – via their statewide associations, or through neighbors or friends they know who are homeschooling. Day 2 focuses on learning the homeschool laws for your particular state and introduces terms that all homeschoolers must become familiar with: compulsory attendance, academic calendar, curriculum, standardized testing.

Homeschooling Basics

As the book progresses, the chapters focus on the specifics of homeschooling – everything from gathering resources (two chapters are devoted to this) to charting and planning. By chapter 13, families will be ready for their first day of homeschooling.

Will the new homeschooler learn everything in 14 days? No. As a veteran homeschooler, I can attest to the fact that most of us would never claim to know everything about homeschooling. Most of us re-evaluate needs, methods and approaches on a yearly basis. Or, if you’re like me, you might do this on a weekly basis. The “homeschool information well” never runs dry as there is always something new to learn as we travel the home learning path. However, Suddenly Homeschooling is a wonderful guide for new homeschoolers who may be feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive about taking the necessary steps to begin their homeschool journey.

Suddenly Homeschooling

Educational professional and veteran homeschooler Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau explains homeschooling for today’s families, who have new concerns plus a whole lot less time.

This detailed, step-by-step program walks parents through the process of starting a home education program while offering wisdom and tips that even experienced families can use. Explains everything from understanding state laws, choosing homeschooling methods, and finding learning resources, to preparing the home and family for the requirements and the effects of homeschooling. $16.00 plus shipping and sales tax (FL only).

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