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Saturday May 27th 2023

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The Learning Curve Radio Program

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The Learning Curve Radio Program

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of being a guest on The Learning Curve with hosts Roger Boswarva and Virginia Koenig. This WebTalk Radio program is on a mission:

The Learning Curve

All of life is a Learning Curve. The ability to learn is vital to the success of all of us—particularly our children. But there’s a dirty little secret: modern educational practices impede our natural ability to learn. The Learning Curve is vital listening for parents who want their kids to succeed in either conventional or home schooling, for educators who want to improve performance, and for all who want to succeed in life. Hear how to learn and how to teach successfully, how to recover failed students, and how continued learning relates to success in life.

As always, it was wonderful to do an interview with folks “who get it.” We were having so much fun, in fact, that the anticipated half-hour conversation turned into an hour, creating a “Part Two” for future airing.

Here’s what Roger and Virginia came up with for Part One:

GirlPaintingHouse learningThe Learning Curve – What Are the Real Advantages of You Participating in Your Child’s Education?

Today’s guest on The Learning Curve with Roger and Virginia is Linda Dobson, author of The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child, and eight other books on helping your child’s education.

Linda has a treasure trove of information on her website:

Linda has been a columnist with Home Education Magazine “forever,” and was the first “Early Years” advisor for She also participated with Barnes and Noble University on these issues.

Hear Linda reveal address such issues as:

Is homeschooling more healthy for your child? Why?

The valid reasons parents homeschool.

What’s the difference between “un-schooling” and homeschooling?

One mom finds the secret to helping her son learn.

What are the common concerns parents have about homeschooling and how are they overcome?

And much, much more

Roger and Virginia at The Learning Curve

Click on the link just below to have a listen:

Linda Dobson on The Learning Curve


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