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Wednesday November 22nd 2023

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Live and Learn Without School: Encouragement from Veterans

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Live and Learn Without School:

Encouragement from Veterans

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By Laurette Lynn on Oct 10, 2011

If you are newly adjusting to a life without school then you are in for a treat!

If you are quite used to learning independently, then you’ll still enjoy this interview as the Unplugged Mom hosts Linda Dobson and Debbie Harbeson.  Both of these awesome ladies are home ed veterans, outspoken advocates and authors; having contributed much to the home ed/independent learning community.

Join us and listen in for encouragement, advice, support and great conversation on living and learning free from school intervention!


Linda Dobson & Debbie Haberson with Unplugged Mom

To listen, please click the link above


To Learn more about Debbie visit  and don’t forget to check out the awesome collection of home ed family profiles at www.

Learn more about Linda by visiting and be sure to check out Linda’s fantastic variety of titles available for the home ed family!


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