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Tuesday May 21st 2024

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For My Son (As He Contemplated Dropping Into High School)

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For My Son (As He Contemplated

Dropping Into High School)

By Linda Dobson

HouseBlackAndWhite homeschoolingWhen my oldest was toying with the idea of dropping into high school from homeschooling at fourteen years of age, we spent many hours discussing pros and cons. At one point I sat down and wrote out for him the benefits of remaining with homeschooling as I saw them applied to his future. Here, maybe for you to share, too, are the top twenty.

Homeschooling for the Future

1. You won’t be motivated by the “crowd.”

2. You’ll question opinions presented as facts.

3. You’ll enjoy learning throughout life.

4. You’ll grow into the person you are, not become someone somebody or something else wants you to be.

5. You’ll stand up for that which you know is right.

6. You’ll listen to and try to understand “the other guy.”

7. You’ll welcome differences in people, cultures, and circumstances.

8. You’ll be comfortable with people both older and younger than yourself.

9. You’ll find that time spent in quiet and solitude is time well spent.

10. You’ll know that thinking is but one of several faculties at your command.

11. You’ll make decisions based on your thought and feelings, not those of others.

12. You’ll know how to find out anything you may need to know.

13. You’ll be confident that choices you make and actions you take are the best for you.

14. You’ll understand that doing something for others is more rewarding than doing something for yourself.

15. You’ll discover that many things are not black and white/right and wrong.

16. You’ll know about the world in which you are growing up, and in which you’ll spend your adult life.

17. You’ll realize that life is precious and is the true school you were intended to attend.

18. You’ll know nobody but you can decide how and when it’s best to learn something.

19. You’ll be able to find the best in others because you will have found it in yourself.

20. You’ll learn how to make choices that serve you and truth well.

My son stayed home, at least until he was sixteen and tested the community college waters. It’s 18 years later now, and he’s seen enough challenges to put this list to a good test. Watching him deal with the many aspects of his independent life – friends, family, work, and community activities – has proven the list quite accurate.

Adapted from The Homeschooling Book of Answers: The 101 Most Important Questions Answered by Homeschooling’s Most Respected Voices

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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “For My Son (As He Contemplated Dropping Into High School)”

  1. Lisa Wood says:

    Interesting idea. We have a 15 year old boy who has learnt more in the last 12 months at home then he did while attending high school for 3 years. He never wants to back to school ever again.
    We are making sure he keeps up with his studies because he does want to enter the defence force as a officer!

    I like how your son did test the waters with uni. Did he enjoy going to Uni?


    • Hi, Lisa,
      GREAT news about your son…it’s wonderful he’s had the opportunity to see the difference. He liked it okay, but he was very involved in firefighting and rescue work, he put much more time into that vocational training because that’s where his heart was – and still is!

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