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Thursday May 23rd 2024

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Book Review: The Fundamentals of Homeschooling

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Book Review: The Fundamentals of Homeschooling

By Beth Balmanno

FundamentalsOfHomeschooling homeschoolingThere is something magical about Ann Lahrson-Fisher’s Fundamentals of Homeschooling. As a
seasoned homeschooler, I expected to find good, solid advice for new families starting their
homeschool journey. What I didn’t expect was to reach for a pen to highlight the pages of this book
like a college textbook, making note after note of ideas and changes I could make to our established
home learning environment.

Living the Homeschooling Lifestyle

The fundamental idea behind Ann Lahrson-Fisher’s book is simple – a successful homeschool is based
on successful family living. Learning does not need to be separated into subjects and dedicated class
times. Rather, learning can come from unbridled play time. Learning will occur when children spend
time with their families, both observing and participating. Learning can blossom when children are
encouraged and offered opportunities.

The Fundamentals of Homeschooling Covers Everything

No subject is left unexplored in this book. From preschoolers through high schoolers; homeschool
styles and learning calendars; home management and travel, Ann touches on the fundamental
components – and concerns – present in every home learning environment. Like an encyclopedia, each
chapter is a stand-alone source of information, brimming with ideas, examples and resources.

Especially useful are the lists of materials, web sites, etc. for further enhancement and exploration.
With wit and grace, Ann Lahrson-Fisher’s Fundamentals of Homeschooling offers sound advice, gentle
encouragement, and a burst of inspiration to embrace and improve the home learning environment you
are creating for your family. A highly recommended read for your homeschool.

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