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Monday January 17th 2022

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Clearing the Deck Jan. 15 2010

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News of value to Parents at the Helm is endless. Unfortunately, hours in the day are not. So, from time to time, Parent at the Helm will provide a “Clearing the Deck” post, a summary of great items that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

News of value to Parents at the Helm is endless. Unfortunately, hours in the day are not!

News of value to Parents at the Helm is endless. Unfortunately, hours in the day are not!


I referred briefly to a mention of this story in a brief post, but here’s the “real deal” from the Orlando Sentinel. From Dan Lips, a senior policy analyst at Heritage Foundation: “Home schooling is definitely reaching a tipping a point in terms of popularity,” said Lips. “As more families do it, I think we can expect to see even more families follow that path.”

The paper also conducted an unscientific survey, asking Web visitors why they homeschool. Results were:

We travel a lot 1.2%

I want to spend as much time as possible with my child(ren) 3.8%

Unmet special needs 8.6%

Low-achieving local schools 8.6%

Education to address spiritual issues 15.4%

I don’t want the government involved in my children’s education 15.7%

Traditional schooling stifles creativity 16.6%

Other responses 11.3%

I would never consider homeschooling 18.8%


From the Web site: From students to faculty, all are welcome to help the academic goals of our site. So sign up today for FREE and begin to communicate with people in your major and get the most out of your online experience. Remember! “Search Less. Find More” Check out the college store, the research center, the class forums, the student union, the news, the music, the videos and more…


Level-headed letter to the editor of Indiana’s Journal Gazette by Deb Harbeson in response to the state’s recent story of two homeschooling moms accused of educational neglect.

“Home schooling in Indiana is an alternative that frees families from this over-regulation and creates the flexibility needed for individuals to truly learn. This is why home schooling works, so it’s completely illogical to propose that families need to preserve the right to home school by taking away the very essence of its effectiveness.”


This article from The Times of India begins: “Does your child hate going to school? Is she stressed out, pressurized and overloaded? Or, are you sick of the conventional schooling system? Simple, don’t send them to school. Try homeschooling — that’s what more and more parents in Bangalore are doing.”


Here you’ll find Izzy Lyman’s response to that West thing – sorry, given it was written by a Georgetown University law student, calling it an “essay” is too kind. Indeed, Izzy begins, “It’s one of the more laughable attacks upon homeschoolers ever concocted.”

And ends: “Until those in media and academia figure out that what often drives these choices is love, not laws, attacks on the 20th century’s greatest education reform movement will continue.”

And everything in-between is just as good.


“One of the most frightening and downright alarming aspects about the expansion of the state at the expense of the individual in American life within  recent years has been the enormous growth of power allotted to Child Protective Services and Division of Youth and Family Services.”

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