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Friday April 12th 2024

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U.S. Education System Cannot Be Repaired

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U.S. Education System Cannot Be Repaired

Many many adults are spending a whole lot of money and time and energy to “fix” the U.S. education system. There is much in-fighting among the leaders as to how the system should be fixed and, yes, there is a lot of money to be made and a lot of power to seize for whatever side may win. It is, however, a certainty no matter the victor: The system will not be repaired, and your child will not receive a better education.

Two Reasons the U.S. Education System Cannot Be Repaired

U.S. education systemThere are two meanings to the “U.S. education system cannot be repaired.” The first meaning is that it’s impossible. The system has grown too large, too monied, and too politically charged. Whether as a parent or a taxpayer or both, you would have had a lot  more clout in a one-room school during the Little House on the Prairie days than you can possibly have today. You can attend PTO meetings, volunteer in the classroom, fund raise, and cheer at the local school’s sporting events; still, you are insignificant in the big picture of educational control.

The second way to read the “U.S. education system cannot be repaired” means we cannot do that to the children any longer. They miss out on so much when stuck in an institution for so much of their formative years. They deserve something more, something better, something that actually provides an education instead of mere conditioning. They deserve the opportunity to utilize the technology that permeates their society, and the chance to hone the skills necessary for the ever-changing, uncertainty of their lives tomorrow.

The News on the U.S. Education System

Fortunately, other alternative news sources are picking up on the stories about the illegal acts of the U.S. Department of Education, much of it hitting cyberspace over this past weekend while many were busy celebrating Father’s Day.

”Secretary Duncan’s Plan to Circumvent Congress

“Congressional talks are breaking down over No Child Left Behind (NCLB), and the Obama administration’s arbitrary back-to-school timeline for reauthorizing the law is slipping away. So Duncan is preparing to circumvent Congress by granting states waivers to get out from under some of NCLB’s mandates.

But there’s a catch: to receive a waiver, states must agree to adopt the administration’s education policies. Thus Duncan could ensure that the education reforms he and the president want are implemented in America’s schools, with or without a reauthorization of No Child Left Behind.”

Why the Department of Education Cannot Be Trusted on Gainful Employment Regulations – Part One

Why the Department of Education Cannot Be Trusted – Part Two

Teachers Appeal to President Obama

“Sadly, there has been no change in education policies, and the administration seems more determined than ever to enforce policies that attach ever higher stakes to standardized test scores.”

Snyder Announces Sweeping DPS Reforms

“…sources said that the Broad Foundation and other philanthropic organizations will pump significant amounts of money into the new authority.”

Fight Ensues Over Facebook Money for NJ Schools

“People are also suspicious about who is making the decisions and whether they stand to profit. First, there’s Chris Cerf, the new acting state commissioner of Education, who ultimately has control of Newark’s schools because New Jersey took them over in 1995. Cerf is a founding partner in a firm that consults with school districts, including Newark. Now he sits on the board of the Foundation for Newark’s Future, which was created by the mayor to double the Facebook gift and make the grants. The donors are venture capitalists, hedge fund managers and technology billionaires. Another board member works for Goldman Sachs, which donated to the foundation and also invests in for-profit education companies.”

And Now, A New Standardized Testing Scandal

“According to WPTV (FL), a security system that checked all of the tests flagged more than 7,000 as suspicious — 6,967 of them for similarities in results and 864 fora high amount of erasures.”

Secretary of Education Duncan’s Office Under Investigation

“The focus of US Department of Education Inspector General (IG) Kathleen Tighe’s investigation into the behavior of officials reporting to US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan consists of determining whether they “leaked [stock] market-sensitive material to short sellers – including a non-public audit from the Inspector General’s own office,” and whether anyone commenced trading on the confidential information, according to a report at Project on Government Oversight (POGO).”

U.S. Education System Doesn’t Educate

If all of the above are not enough to convince parents that the existing U.S. education system is no place for the children you love, we conclude with this thought: “American Education Fails Because It Isn’t Education.” Please please read in its entirety.

Today’s education system is driven by money from the federal government and private foundations, both working hand-in-hand with the education establishment headquartered in the federal Department of Education and manned by the National Education Association (NEA). These forces have combined with psychologists, huge textbook publishers, teacher colleges, the healthcare profession, government bureaucrats, big corporations, pharmaceutical companies and social workers to invade local school boards, classrooms and private homes in the name of “fixing” education.

The record shows that each of these entities has benefited from this alliance through enriched coffers and increased political power. In fact, the new education restructuring is working wonders for everyone involved – except for the children and their parents. As a result of this combined invasion force, today’s classroom is a very different place from only a few years ago.

There is simply not enough room on these pages to tell the entire history of education restructuring and transformation. It dates back to the early efforts by psychologists like John Dewey, whose work began to change how teachers were taught to teach in the nation’s teacher colleges. The changes were drastic as education moved away from an age-old system that taught teachers how to motivate students to accept the whole scope of academic information available. Instead the new system explored methods to maneuver students through psychological behavior modification processes. Rather than to instill knowledge, once such a power was established the education process became more of a method to instill specific agendas into the minds of children.”

All this news, and not a single word about educating your child. The U.S. education system is a machine out of control and far too powerful for individuals, no matter how deeply they care or how hard they work, for change. As long as parents continue to feed the U.S. education system its children, it will continue to run roughshod over parents’ hopes for their offspring, and it will continue conditioning those offspring under the guise of education. Prepare to educate your own; the U.S. education system cannot be repaired.

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