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Saturday January 29th 2022

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Call for Self-Directed Learning Stories

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Peter Gray, a research professor of psychology at Boston College, writes a blog called “Freedom to Learn” which is “primarily about self-education, especially in children but also in adults” for

MPj04465990000[1]Stating that stories received may be used in future blog posts or in a book he’s working on, Peter Gray has put out a call for stories on the following topics that are of particular interest to him:

  • Learning to read without schooling.
  • Learning math without schooling.
  • From play to careers: How interests developed in play become career paths.
  • Becoming an expert through one’s own initiative.
  • Age-mixed play and friendships: Contributions to children’s and adolescents’ learning (FYI, he cites Sudbury Valley School here)
  • Roles of adults in children’s and adolescents’ self-directed learning.
  • Fantasy play: Listening to little actors and directors.
  • Making and enforcing rules at home.

Please see the post for all of the details, including where to send your stories. Please be sure to tell him Parent at the Helm sent you!

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