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Friday April 19th 2024

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Book Review: What Really Matters

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Book Review: What Really Matters

By Beth Balmanno

When it comes to homeschooling – to life in general, actually – what really matters? David Albert and Joyce Reed attempt to answer this question in their deeply personal and moving book, What Really Matters.

Letter Exchange about Homeschooling

homeschoolingStarted as an exchange of letters in a column in Life Learning magazine, founder and editor Wendy Priesnitz quickly saw the value of publishing these as a collection. And what a collection it is! Often witty and quirky – and always touching – these letters invite readers in to the homeschool lives of these long-term homeschool advocates, giving us an intimate look at the foundations of their home learning journey and – perhaps even more importantly – where these journeys led them.

For families just exploring the home-learning lifestyle, this tome is an invaluable resource. Both authors share their own educational backgrounds and how they arrived at the decision to homeschool their children. Both write about their children’s upbringing and how seamlessly they weaved home learning into their lives.

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For families who have “completed” navigating their own home learning travels, this is a satisfying read, as well. Veteran homeschoolers will delight in the successes Joyce and David describe and of having yet one more resource that points to the fact that homeschooling works.

Today’s Homeschooling Families

However, the families who might most appreciate this collection are families like mine: families in the middle of their homeschool journey, with years behind them and years to go, wondering how the big experiment will end up, agonizing over whether they’ve made the right decisions. Readers can curl up with this book like they would a stash of letters from an old friend, turning the pages, savoring the wealth of stories and anecdotes that are shared. Nestled within are nugget after nugget of encouragement, reassurance and, perhaps most importantly, proof that home learning is quite simply one of the best things a parent can do for their children.

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