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Wednesday August 17th 2022

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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Begin Homeschooling, Just Begin!

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It Doesn’t Matter Where You Begin

Homeschooling, Just Begin!

By Linda Dobson

Father and son homeschooling

Stop waiting for the "perfect" circumstances - get started!

The ability to change direction when something isn’t working is a major contributor to an individual family’s homeschooling success. If you’re aware of this from the start, it will help you through initial rough spots you might encounter. If you find your material or your approach isn’t working with your child, it’s not necessarily an indication that homeschooling isn’t working. Sure, it’s painful to watch dust gather on books you thought would be appreciated, but at least you are free to do so to benefit your child. The amazing homeschool continuum (explained in depth in the book) showed you that the overwhelming majority of our respondents changed one or many aspects of their homeschooling since they began, constantly fine-tuning the journey to fill their needs. This can be done at any point, in any family, with any child.

With the abundant amount of information available on homeschooling today you could spend months or even years thinking about and discussing just where you and your family should begin. Now that the amazing homeschool continuum has disclosed just how flexible homeschooling can be, you can see that exactly where you begin isn’t all that crucial. The most important thing is that you begin!

Approach homeschooling now in whatever manner you feel most comfortable. Spend money and gather resources only to the extent that your budget isn’t strained. Make changes in your home to the degree that space or desire allow. Call in as much or as little outside assistance as you wish. Involve your spouse to whatever point time and energy currently allow. Any of these aspects of homeschooling can be fine-tuned as you grow more comfortable with your journey, as you gain experience, and as you get better and better at observing your child’s interests and learning style.

It’s the journey that counts. And like all other journeys, this one, too, starts with the first step.

5 Simple Starting Points to Begin Homeschooling

Start dreaming and planning today!

Homeschooling can be anything you want and need it to be, flexible enough to fit your unique lifestyle and situation. Talk with your spouse about the idea. Start thinking about the activities you would like to enjoy with your child, the books you would like to read together. Be sure to ask your child for suggestions, too. Think about living according to your own schedule and not a school’s.

Read as many books and magazines about homeschooling as you can.

Your local library should have some on its shelves, and an inter-library loan search will uncover even more.

Search the word homeschooling on the Internet.

(Prepare to be blown away!) Visit a few of the sites and blogs that catch your fancy. Join an e-mail loop or discussion list and ask a few questions. Enter a chat room where parents frequently exchange information and answer questions. Follow the links to still more sites to get a taste of the wide variety of perspectives on the topic.

Attend a local homeschooling support group meeting.

Most groups today have a website where meeting schedules are posted. Additionally, meeting schedules are often posted on the library, skating rink, or community center bulletin board, in the community notices section of local newspapers, or announced as public service messages on radio and TV. Here you’ll meet homeschoolers, hear their concerns and triumphs, and maybe even get to meet a few homeschooled children, homeschooling’s best advertisements!

Stop waiting for the “perfect” circumstances – get started!

Because it’s so easy to change any aspect of homeschooling when necessary, you can get started with a minimum of worry or preparation. Once you’re on the road, you’ll constantly discover new information, resources, and friends to help you fine-tune your journey into the most rewarding and fun possible.

See also “Myth #2: Homeschooling Takes Place In Isolation at Home.”

Adapted from Homeschooling The Early Years: Your Complete Guide to Successfully Homeschooling the 3- to 8-Year-Old Child

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Reader Feedback

One Response to “It Doesn’t Matter Where You Begin Homeschooling, Just Begin!”

  1. Mary McCarthy says:

    Hey Linda,
    My advice for those ‘on the fence’ has always been that you owe it to yourself and your children to try. Ask yourself, “What have I got to lose?” The absolute worst thing that can happen is you end up sending the kids back to school where their well-funded little heads will be gleefully accepted. But if you never try, you’ll always wonder if you could have done something really meaningful for your childrens lives.

    When things aren’t working, it’s an indication that it’s time for a tweaking of whatever ‘plan’ you’ve devised. It is not an indicator of failure, just an inappropriate guess of what your home learning should be and what your particular children will respond to. No biggie, make a few changes (ask the kids to help) and move on.

    I often advise new homeschoolers to skip the support group experience for awhile. Sometimes there is pressure from a group to use a certain method or curriculum or conform to a specific ‘model‘ of what a homeschooler is. There can also be overload with activities when what homeschoolers need is time together to reacquaint themselves as families and learn how this learning thing works. I think parents need time to decompress from public education the same as children do. It’s a new experience for everyone – you said it very correctly when you said, “Enjoy the journey”.

    Good advice in a compact easy-to-digest format though. See how many words it takes me to say the simplest things?

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