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Friday April 19th 2024

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The Spring Homeschooling Blog Carnival

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The Spring Homeschooling Blog Carnival

It’s here, it’s here, the Spring Homeschooling Blog Carnival is ready for you to indulge. You’ll just need to sail over to “The HomeSpun Life” to find a feast for your eyes, not just to read, but also the photos that grace this week’s carnival. Of the photos, HomeSpun Life writes: “I’m featuring several free photos from the Family Friendly Photo Community, Pix-O-Sphere. I selected photos from various bloggers and photographers so you could see their fabulous photos and linked in their profiles so you can go visit them after you’re done enjoying the carnival. It’s been a great way to get photos from a safe cyber environment for our blogs. It’s free to join and there are thousands of photos to choose from and enjoy.” I know I’ll be checking them out!

HSingBlogCarnivalLogo homeschoolingLoaded with Homeschooling Goodness

What else will you discover at the carnival? Good question! This week, you can learn how one family uses TED Talks to expose children to a variety of topics, how another takes learning outdoors, and enjoy a mini unit less on biomes.

There are resources for teaching astrology, find out how one mom plans to keep learning over the summer, and another plans to take care of school on the move.

Homeschooling with Parent at the Helm

This week, Parent at the Helm shared “A Dozen Fast Facts to Help You Overcome the Fear of Choosing Homeschooling for Your Family.” If you know of a family sitting on the fence about enjoying the homeschooling option, this would be a great post to share in the hope that they’ll join this great big family!

There is a lot to read here, so bookmark the page, come back when you have a break, and get inspired about homeschooling all over again!



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