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Saturday June 25th 2022

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Parent at the Helm’s May Book Giveaway!

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Parent at the Helm’s


I’m so happy to announce that Parent at the Helm’s May Book Giveaway comes to you courtesy of Wendy Priesnitz, longtime friend and fellow homeschooling advocate from Canada. This month, one lucky winner will obtain one of her most popular books, Challenging Assumptions in Education.

This book offers a fresh and exciting personal approach to the inevitable and urgently needed revolution in education, which demolishes the one-size-fits-all, industrialized model of processing and warehousing students and creates a community-based, individualized learning society accommodating learners of all ages, interests, abilities and styles. This book discusses why a progressively-minded parent might not want to send their child to school…and describes the democratic, life-affirming, academically and socially beneficial alternative.

Challenging Assumptions in Education
From Institutionalized Education to a Learning Society
by Wendy Priesnitz


ChallengingAssumptions book giveaway


“This tough-minded book burns sharp holes in dark places! Priesnitz argues that every school procedure that mutilates children is based upon some invisible assumption about children and human nature, which all arise from rational applications of false premises. This is an eye-opening guide to the most damaging of these hidden operating principles, which lurk in the nicest of people…perhaps even in yourself! I heartily recommend this book.” – John Taylor Gatto, author of Dumbing Us Down and The Underground History of American Education, 2001

“Thank you so much for your brilliant book. You have spoken so clearly and directly to the heart of the matter of children learning in and from the world. You have managed to relate the whole of the matter in a real and understandable way… In answer to your challenge to find ways to put your words into action: It might just have to happen one person, one family, one small community at a time. I never miss an opportunity, nor do my children, to invite people to challenge the assumptions in education. I ride a roller coaster. Some days I am clear that the path we are on is well chosen. Other days I despair. It seems an insurmountable task to overcome the effects of a world educated by the system, but I will carry your book on that path .” – Annie B, a reader

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Reader Feedback

14 Responses to “Parent at the Helm’s May Book Giveaway!”

  1. Jane C. says:

    Hey! I "liked" you on facebook and subscribed to the newsletter. This book looks great–some of this assumptions are so ingrained. I'm interested to see with the author has to say and to review my own assumptions about education. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Sylvia says:

    I like the slim books — they make for easy sharing.

  3. Lori P. says:

    Hi! I "liked" you on FB, and… I WANT THIS BOOK! I've enjoyed reading articles by Wendy over the years, and whether or not I win this from your May Giveaway, I'm sure to have this book on my bookshelf (or the stack of books on my bedroom floor that pretends to be a bookshelf) sooner or later.

  4. Dana W. says:

    This would be a great book to have!

  5. Andrea says:

    I like you on FB. I think this book would be a great read. I am just getting started with HS and would locve to have a gander!

  6. Juliana says:

    Yall know I needs this book, pick my name please. 🙂

  7. Mich says:

    Hi, I have followed you on Twitter (I'm EcChezNous) and subscribed to the email list. Pondering leaving teaching to hs our special child.

  8. Marta says:

    Hi, I have subscribed to your newsletter. I'd love to win this book as I enjoy reading Wendy's 'Life Learning' magazine and blog posts, and I am a firm believer in unschooling/life learning as the best choice for everyone.

  9. Katherine A says:

    Yes please enter me. Love books somuch.

  10. Melissa says:

    Liked you on Facebook; I'd love to have a copy of this book. And if I get it, I promise to share 🙂

  11. trulycrazybeautiful says:

    Hi Linda, Great giveaway. I 'liked' you on facebook and the link to my blog where I linked to here is Some great HS books out there right now. Will definitely put this one on my 'to get my hands on' list if I don't win here. Thanks.

  12. Denise says:

    Liked on FB & subscribed via email:) As a NEW hsr this looks like a great resource!! Hope I win{{{grin}}} Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!!
    Happy Weekend:)

  13. Mary Eichholz says:

    I like you on FB. Would LOVE to win this book! 🙂

  14. Sherry says:

    I follow via facebook–you are a "favorite" of Living and Learning. 🙂

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