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Wednesday May 18th 2022

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We Got Her Done! Learning Coach Approach Now Available as eBook

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Well, it seems it’s been a long time coming but, at last, we were able to put the final touches on the eBook version of The Learning Coach Approach. As the original publisher insisted on publishing it as a hard cover (despite my protestations), the selling price was prohibitive. And that’s why we were happy to do the work to turn it into an eBook and make it available right here at Parent at the Helm for just $2.99!

The Learning Coach Approach Is for All Parents

The Learning Coach Approach

For parents who worry that their child lacks a love of learning, or has been falling behind in a rigid “teach-to-the-test” classroom, here is an ultra-practical guide to help restore joy and independence to education. Linda Dobson is an educator and parent who has been at the forefront of the homeschooling boom. The Learning Coach, however, is not a homeschooling book, but rather a useful guide to honing in on children’s unique needs and inspiring them to learn. Her fresh approach, supported by current educational research, defies conventional wisdom by declaring that when it comes to learning, less is more: less pressure, more fun. Less scheduling, more free time. Dobson believes that success, in its many forms, results not by pushing children into activities but by creating an environment that encourages exploration, discovery, and curiosity. The role of the learning coach is to inspire and guide children’s experience to bring out their natural, unique “genius.”

The Learning Coach Approach Is Joined By The Art of Education

The Art of Education learning coach

Along with The Learning Coach Approach, we can now offer you The Art of Education, too, at its recently reduced price of just $4.99.

The Art of Education
by Linda Dobson

“Dobson’s basic premise is that ‘the public school system in this country is based on a false definition of education. We are not educating our children at all. We are conditioning them.’ Eleven chapters explore the “wisdom’ of the art of education, comparing public education practices with what we now know about natural education and with individual families’ values and priorities. The next five chapters suggest the benefits of this art for individual parents, children, communities, and the larger society. Includes ‘A Dozen Simple Starting Points’ for parents who want to get more involved in their kids’ education. Dobson’s sources are a complicated blend, but she argues her case for family-centered education effectively.”
-American Library Association’s Booklist, February, 1995

Is your child unmotivated, bored, or stressed by attending government schools? Is your child gifted or special needs? Are you worried that what passes for education today appears to little more than test-taking and political agendas? Are you tired of the school schedule dictating your family’s lifestyle?

The Art of Education: Reclaiming Your Family, Community and Self provides a profound and thorough explanation for why homeschooling is so desperately need by so many families today. Fifteen years after it was originally written, educational problems Dobson warned about have reached crisis proportions. The Art of Education clearly shows the changes that need to take place in the way we rear our children in order to stop the unraveling of our spiritual and intellectual fiber.

A bonus: Includes a thought-provoking Foreword by John Taylor Gatto, New York State Teacher of the Year and author of The Underground History of American Education.

“The Art of Education has stood the test of time as one of the best homeschooling books of the last two decades,” says David Albert, whose latest book is titled What Really Matters.

“Everything about this work is just as relevant as the day Linda wrote it,” adds Laura Grace Weldon, author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. “In fact, time proves the prophetic nature of her words. For homeschoolers and those wondering if homeschooling might be an option, this book is a classic.”

Why Are The Learning Coach Approach and The Art of Education So Inexpensive?

I could write a book in response to this question (but don’t worry, I won’t!). The short answer is these eBooks are inexpensive because I watch, with a breaking heart, as the government school system spirals out of control, right along with the ever-growing deficit, unemployment, inflation and more. I believe with all my heart that this system will only continue to get worse, and has ceased to even resemble a place where true learning can occur.

It’s therefore my desire, my passion, my goal, my life’s work to get the information contained in these two books into the hands of as many parents as possible before it’s too late. The Art of Education explains why it’s best, not just for your child but your entire family, to remove your children from the toxic environment. A frequent response to this is that every parent can’t stay home with their children. It is for these parents that I wrote The Learning Coach Approach. While homeschooling families can certainly utilize this approach, it’s imperative that parents who cannot homeschool their children take a very active role in their education beyond the classroom. It’s also imperative not to duplicate school at home – giving your child more of what doesn’t work. Rather, this book can help your child regain the love of learning that is his birthright.

I hope you’ll find the prices reasonable enough to share these books with families you care about who suffer from The Lake Wobegone Effect, those who hear the bad news about schools across the country, but insist the problems exist everywhere around them while the schools their children attend are doing just fine. The problems may be more apparent in some places, but they exist everywhere. You never know what sentence, paragraph, or thought might click to help your friends recognize their children are – or will soon be – affected.

I believe all children should be allowed the opportunity to know that learning is enjoyable. I would go so far as to say it is their birthright. They should also have time and guidance to follow their passions, experience play, and learn free of test scores. These are the purposes of inexpensive access to The Art of Education and The Learning Coach Approach.

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