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Saturday July 2nd 2022

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Breaking: All Detroit Teachers Get Layoff Notices

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An Associated Press article at “mlive” titled “Detroit Schools Send Layoff Papers to All Teachers” states:

About 5,500 Detroit Public Schools teachers will get layoff notices as the troubled district prepares for an expected drop in fall student enrollment.

The layoffs would take effect July 29, the district said Thursday afternoon in a release.

Non-renewal notices also will be sent to 248 administrators.

The notices are part of a process to allow the district time to assess staffing needs heading into the start of the 2011-12 academic year, according to the release.

pinkslip Detroit teachers layoffAs other government school systems have done, the layoff notices are legally required as part of the budget process, even though some percentage of the teachers will return to work in the fall. The reason it’s happening in Detroit are, in large part, due to enrollment numbers.

Detroit has lost about 100,000 students since 1997, when enrollment stood at 175,168. It has about 74,000 students now, but that could bottom out at about 56,500 by 2014, Bobb has said.

With the enrollment losses has come the loss of millions of dollars in state per pupil funding.

The effective date of the Detroit teachers layoff notices is July 29, the last day of summer school.

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