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Friday April 19th 2024

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100+ Mostly Free, Awesome Downloads

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100+ Mostly Free, Awesome Downloads

The folks at Daily Bits have saved all of us a whopping amount of time and opened to the door to a lot of fun Internet surfing with their “100 Sites to Download All Sorts of Things,” awesome downloads. I couldn’t wait to share this treasure chest with you!

Free awesome downloadsSince Daily Bits did all the work, they deserve your visit, but I’m going to share just a brief sampling here to whet your whistle to encourage you to go find more awesome downloads. Whether you’re looking for something for work, to save money, or to help your kids explore their learning interests, there’s something here for you.

Audio Books Awesome Downloads

Librivox: One of the most popular audio libraries on the web. The LibriVox volunteers record books that are in the public domain and release them for free.

Podiobooks: Similar to podcast, Podiobooks are serialized audiobooks that are distributed through RSS feeds. You can receive book episodes or download directly from the site.

Oculture (Audio & Podcast): Offers a rich array of educational and cultural media. The site editor scours through the web to find the best cultural and educational media available.

Learn Out Loud: A one-stop destination for video and audio learning resources. You can browse through over 15,000 educational audio books MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos. The site also contains various free resources.

Books and Documents Awesome Downloads

Docstoc: This is your ultimate resource for free legal and business documents. Docstoc does not only allow you to download documents for free but it also lets you upload and share your own documents.

Tech Books for Free Download: If you’re looking for free books on Java, Perl/Phyton or other computer programming related books, this site might be of help. It offers books covering technology subjects for free download.

Project Gutenberg: The most comprehensive repository of ebooks on the web. Project Gutenberg was built by volunteers and now houses more than 27,000 titles of ebooks in its catalog.

Freeware Awesome Downloads

A+Freeware:  The site offers choice applications or “A+Freeware” which become useful only when combined with a valid operating system. A+Freeware lets you get copies of software for free.

Best Freeware Download: A free wares site which allows you to register and save links on the site’s member account areas. Best Freeware Download is categorized into communication desktop and games. Gamers would definitely want to check this site from time to time to check on new freewares to be added.

Free Ware Box: The site offers categorized summary of freeware software. Freeware Box contains open source software, public domain and other types of free software, all available for free download.

Games Awesome Downloads

Liberated Games: This is a simple listing site offering free downloads of legally available games. It’s a straight-out listing of these different games including their download links.

NDS-ROMS: This is a heaven sent site for NDS gamers. NDS-ROMs offer free downloads of publicly available ROMs.

Iwin:  The Internet’s largest selection of free game downloads. You can choose to play games in the  popular categories.

Donwload Full Version PC Games: This is a blog site containing 100 best legal, free, and full version of games. The site covers free action games, free action games and 3rd person games.

Photoshop and Design

Deviant Art Photoshop Brushes: A collection of artsy paintshop brushes used by Deviant Art members. You can download the paint brushes or “rel=nofollow” href=””>Pixel Chick: Offers both free and paid Photoshop brushes that are compatible with CS2 and CS3.

Adobe Market Place and Exchange: NOTE: Link works, even though it comes up crossed out. Adobe’s online resource containing tools, services, and innovations relating to Adobe’s various products. The site also let you discover Adobe AIR runtime applications.

Pixel Chick: Offers both free and paid Photoshop brushes that are compatible with CS2 and CS3.

Okay, that’s it, folks! I promised myself I wouldn’t get carried away (and almost did!). Check out all of these offers, then dive in for more at Daily Bits. It’s great to have so many links in one easy-to-use location!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I can’t wait to look at the sites with fonts…I heart fonts. [g] Hope all these awesome downloads help keep you out of trouble now, ya’ hear?

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